Facilities Support ...

security and disaster managementA range of services available to support your business management including communication systems, office environments, security and disaster management.

The services we offer include …

Communication systems

  • IP Telephone systems
  • Telephone cabling
  • Links via wireless bridge or laser
  • Links to remote sites over VPN via DSL
  • Cat5e, ducted fibre or catenary links to outbuildings

Building services

  • Space planning and refurbishment
  • Furnishings and storage
  • Chairs and seating
  • Storage
  • Window blinds and screening
  • Air conditioning
  • Temporary storage of equipment
  • Equipment cleaning and cable management

Security equipment and disaster recovery

  • Security tagging of equipment
  • Provision of anti-theft devices
  • CCTV equipment
  • Clearance of virus infections
  • Data recovery
  • Secure storage of data and equipment
  • PAT testing

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